Open Range R.V. Company recalls several of its travel trailers for a problem with a deadbolt lock jamming.

Open Range R.V. Company (Open Range) is recalling certain model year 2009-2013 travel trailers manufactured from October 1, 2007, through July 12, 2013, and equipped with Fastec-brand deadbolt locks. It may be possible to remove the key from the lock in a way that potentially jams the deadbolt. The travel trailer models cover by the recall are: 280RLS; 322RKS; 328RLS; 335BHS; 337RLS; 385RLS; 391RES; 392BHS; 399BHS; 400BHS; JF280RLS; JF287RLS; JF335BHS; JF392BHS; JT287RLS; JT315RLS; JT331BHS; JT337RLS; 287RLS; 310RLS; 345RLS; 379RKS; 393RLS; 399DBR; 399SRL; 427BHS; 429BHS; H341RGR; H395RGR; H396RGR; H397RGR; JF399BHS; JH341RGR; JT301BHS; JT305RLS; JT340FLR; PE119TH; R398RLS; R398RSS; R416RLS; RF316RLS; RT266RLS; RT281FLR; RT296BHS; RT303BHS; RT331BHS; 375BHS; 413RLL; 424RLS; H320MPR; H345MPR; JT359FKS; MR243F; MR274B; MR281FLR; MR285F; MR287B; MR289H; MR293R; MR303BHS; MR325B; MR331BHS; R412RSS; RF270RLS; RF280RLS; RF287RLS; RF298BWS; RF335BHS; RF392BHS; T247FLR; RT316RLS; 359RKS; 386FLR; H304RGR; JT353FES; LF289RES; LF297RLS; LF305BHS; LT252FLR; LT305BHS; MF316RLS; MF329BHS; MF337RLS; MF338RLS; MF357RES; MF395BHS; MR281F; MR316R; R430RLS; RA398FLS; RF329BHS; RF337RLS; RF338RLS; RF357RES; RF395BHS; RT320RES; 389BHS.
If the deadbolt jams, the interior side of the door lock may also jam. A person inside the travel trailer at the time will then be locked in and be unable to exit the vehicle without using the emergency exit, increasing the risk of injury.