Winnebago Journey Recall, Winnebago Tour Recall, Brake Light Failure Danger

Vehicle Make / Model:   Model Year(s):
     ITASCA ELLIPSE   2010-2013
     ITASCA MERIDIAN   2010-2013
     WINNEBAGO JOURNEY   2010-2013
     WINNEBAGO TOUR   2010-2013
Manufacturer: Winnebago Industries Inc.Report Receipt Date: DEC 06, 2012
NHTSA CAMPAIGN ID Number: 12V566000NHTSA Action Number: N/A
Potential Number of Units Affected: 1,521
  Winnebago Industries is recalling certain model year 2010-2013 Winnebago Journey and Tour motorhomes, and certain model year 2010-2013 Itasca Meridian and Ellipse motorhomes, manufactured June 18, 2010, through November 17, 2011. The chassis are equipped with connectors for diode jumpers that may come loose, resulting in an open circuit. Two circuits are affected: The one that disengages the cruise control with brake pedal use, and the one that illuminates the brake lights with brake pedal use.
  Failure of the cruise control to disengage when the brakes are applied may increase the risk of a vehicle crash. Without the brake lights illuminating when the brakes are applied, the driver's intent is not communicated, increasing the risk of a crash.
Winnebago Tour Rv's Recalled, Brake System Danger
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