Fleetwood Shuts Down 6 Plants As Economy Sours

On Nov. 24, 2008 Fleetwood announced that it is shutting down plants in Woodland, Calif.; Auburndale, Fla.; Willacoochee, Ga.; Benton, Ky.; Pembroke, N.C.; and Douglas, GA.

All of them are manufactured housing plants and this shut down reflects the continuing sour economy.

On top of that, Fleetwood's travel trailer manufacturing centers in Crawfordsville, Ind. and Mexicali, Mexico, received pending closure notices too.

While Fleetwood says that it is trying to find positions for the soon-to-be-laid-off employees, it also admits that many will lose their jobs permanently. Once a "Fortune 1000" company, and struggling to stay so, the company also received notice recently that its stock was to be delisted from the NYSE stock exchange because it had continued to be worth so little.

Apparently the closing news didn't help much either. Fleetwood's stock value went down and is now trading at 16 cents a share.

This should cause alarm for any Fleetwood owner who is worried about getting warranty repairs done to their Fleetwood motorhome. The time for warranty work is TODAY. If Fleetwood folds, and they certainly are struggling not to, then your Rv warranty won't be worth anything tomorrow.

And if you're in a fight with Fleetwood right now, you might want to think real hard about trying to strike a settlement that you can live with. After all, money in your pocket today is better than wishes and hopes in your mind tomorrow.

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