The New Elephant in Town - ASV

There's a new elephant in the Rv business.

Once upon a time Fleetwood Rv was just about the largest Rv builder in existence. But then the economic downturn put them into bankruptcy. They bounced back with new owners, Allied Specialty Vehicles, ASV. And apparently they are doing pretty good.

Monaco and Fleetwood and other Rv builders bought up by ASV
ASV announced (on May 16, 2013) that they have bought Monaco, Holiday Rambler and R-Vision motorhome builders and are adding them with beaver and Safari (and others) that were bought from Navistar.

That makes ASV the new elephant in town and that might actually be a good thing for Rv owners, because ASV is a solid and well-heeled business. ASV is a $1 billion-plus manufacturer comprised of brands serving fire and emergency, recreational and commercial vehicle markets. Within the fire and emergency segment, ASV offers a full line of fire apparatus and ambulances.  Within the recreational vehicle segment, the company produces motorized RVs under the Fleetwood brand. The commercial segment produces school buses, terminal trucks and sweeper vehicles. With a broad product manufacturing base like that, it probably means that motorcoach owners may not have to worry about the ASV-owned Rv companies going out of business for a long time to come.

But if you get a lemon Rv or lemon motorcoach, ASV branded or not, call us. Helping consumer get rid of lemon Rv's and getting your money back is what we have been doing since 1978. It's what we do.

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