RV Wars - Forest River and Heartland Rv take the gloves off

Last week an Indiana federal judge took steps to consolidate the five existing legal actions between Heartland Recreational Vehicles LLC and Forest River Inc., according to reports that RVDailyReport noted in their Rv business email alert the other day.

Four of the cases sprang out of a 2008 lawsuit started by Heartland claiming that Forest River had infringed on a patent, something Forest River denies of course. Then the claims and counterclaims started and the fight hasn't stopped since.

It got worse when one of the two went to a private trade show that the other one hosted, and started passing out their promotional literature - a bit like Ford going to a GM dealer's conference and passing out packages of sales literature to GM dealers under their hotel door. Not exactly illegal maybe, but certainly not very tactful.

Meanwhile, the lawyers fight on. So, if you see a price increase in the Heartland or Forest River product line, it could be due to the ever-mounting legal costs of their bitter feud.

And if you get a lemon Rv from either of these companies, and they are too busy fighting with each other to take care of your defects in a timely manner, call us on our Toll Free Lemon Rv Hotline at 1.888.331.6422 or email us right now by clicking here. Getting rid of lemon rv's and getting back your money is what we do. Everyday.

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