Lazydays (FL) Heading to Bankruptcy Court

It looks like Lazydays Rv Superstore in Florida is heading to bankruptcy court, according to the Rv Daily Report.

We had been hearing bankruptcy rumors and rumblings for some time now and the word is out that, like Chrysler before it, Lazydays has worked out a deal with most of its creditors to file a "prepackaged" Chapter 11 bankruptcy that would wipe out some $137 million of debt and enable the company to continue in business.

When an rv dealer goes out of business, consumers can get hurt. Same is true if the manufacturer is going out of business. We could be mistaken, but it just seems wrong to allow a big company to use the law to erase money that it owes and keep on doing business. That debt is owed to real companies who employ real people who have real families that depend on them for survival.

While we don't know for sure, we strongly suspect that no one is looking out for the little guy in all this Lazydays stuff.

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