Unemployment Hits Rv Haven Hard

Time was when Elkhart, Indiana was big time Rv building country. Now, the industry is in an upheaval not seen in almost 30 years and the unemployment rates there show it.

With Monaco's recent closing of its plant there, the unemployment rate has now increased to about 7% from the just over 2% number of a year ago. Monaco shuttered the doors amidst operating losses of over $15 million so far this year, sending some 1,430 workers home while it took its operations back to Oregon facilities.

While saying it was open to a joint venture to set up a chassis building operation in one of its empty plants, there are no public plans in the works. Just hopes that Elkhart undoubtedly shares with it.

You can blame it on a bad economy, bad politicians who drove the national debt up beyond belief, or maybe even just plain bad quality, but the people in the unemployment line in Elkhart don't much care. They just want to find a job.

Rv plant closings are no good for anyone. When the economy gets good again, the market will come back. It always does. Meanwhile, motorhome owners have to be careful and look out for yourself. If you've got defects in your Rv, complain often and loudly. With the industry tightening its belt, the squeeky wheel is going to get the grease and everyone else is going to get the shaft.

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