Western RV Closes

Western Rv, the makers of Alpine Motor Homes and Alpenlite Trailers and Campers has closed and there's no sign they might reopen, according to reports from Mike Eidsmoe at RvResolve.

National Rv filed bankruptcy, Travel Supreme closed down, and now Western Rv joins the "out of business" ranks.

We've talked about the Rv industry slump before and things aren't getting better with any speed. It's a sign of the lousy economy in general, one might suppose.

It's time to be very, very careful as a motorhome buyer. Our recommendation? If you buy a new Rv, tell the dealer you want their personal guarantee that they will stand behind the manufacturer's warranty. But don't take their word for it either. Make them write in down on the sales contract itself.

And remember, if you get a bad Rv, contact us or call us 1-888-331-6422 Toll Free. Helping consumers get rid of lemon motorhomes is what we do. Everyday.