Four Winds Recalls Presidio and Mandalay

Four Winds is recalling 10 Model Year 2008 Presidio 360 and Mandalay motor homes built on Freightliner chassis and equipped with Bendix SR-7 spring brake modulating valves.

The internal rubber check valve may leak causing a delay in the application of the spring brakes to park the vehicle after the operator pulls the dash valve button. This could cause a delay or failure in applying the parking brakes which could result in a vehicle roll away, increasing the risk of a crash.

Four Winds is working with Freightliner and Bendix to install a check valve repair kit for the affected SR-7 spring brake modulating valve (please see 07V302 and 07E037).

If you’ve got a lemon Four Winds Rv, or any other lemon motorhome, email us or call us at 1-888-331-6422 Toll Free. Helping consumers get rid of lemon Rv’s is what we do. Every day.

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