DoubleTree Rv Recalls Trailers

Active Technology is working with DoubleTree RV to recall 359 Actibrake electric-hydraulic actuators, Part No. AB-1-14.

These actuators are used on hydraulic disc brakes and installed as original equipment on certain DoubleTree trailers. The trailer wiring configuration of the circuit breaker allows high current to be continuously applied to the Actibrake even after the trailer circuit breaker is tripped and the 30 amp fuse on the Actibrake is blown. Therefore there is a situation where the 50 amp breaker in the trailer wiring does not protect the Actibrake battery charger circuit from over-current.

Trailer brakes are not operative with an incapacitated brake actuator, possibly resulting in a vehicle crash. Active Technology is working with DoubleTree to notify owners and repair the trailers (please see 08V040). 08E-007.

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