Coachmen Recalls Sportscoach Elite

Coachmen is recalling 116 Model Year 2007 and 2008 Sportscoach Elite Class A motor homes built on Freightliner chassis and equipped with ZF Model 8018 steering gears.

These gears may have been assembled with the incorrect recirculating ball spacer. This could potentially allow the recirculation balls to escape from the recirculation ball circuit resulting in a loss of steering.

The operator may notice higher required steering wheel inputs, or the need for more steering wheel adjustments while driving in a straight line in combination with metallic cracking noises prior to a loss of steering. Loss of steering could result in a vehicle crash.

Coachmen is working with Freightliner and ZF to replace the steering gear (please see 07V343 and 07E049). This recall was the subject of an Equipment Query, EA07-004, conducted by the Office of Defects Investigation. 08V-019.

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